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Learn to use Sytrus (The Image-Line Synthesizer plugin)

Learn to use Sytrus.

Sytrus main screen image.

So you want to learn to use Sytrus… (by Image-Line.) It can be a daunting synthesizer to learn, especially for people who are completely new to sound synthesis. It is a very powerful synth with seemingly endless features and capabilities.


  • 6 independent oscillators/operators, with standard waveforms (saw, sine, square, etc.) and the ability to import waveforms or create custom ones internally.
  • FM, RM, additive, subtractive, and ‘plucked string’ synthesis.
  • Multi-point automatable envelopes
  • Fully controllable & automatable unison
  • FX: 13 filter types, 3 band Parametric EQ, Phaser, Chorus, Wave-shaping, Delay, Reverb.
  • X/Y modulation control.
  • Up to 64x oversampling, HQ envelopes, band-limiting, center waveform, remove Gibbs, and other sound quality features.

Well firstly, the obligatory link to the official Image-Line manual can be found here: http://www.image-line.com/support/FLHelp/html/plugins/Sytrus.htm

And an official tutorial here: http://www.image-line.com/support/FLHelp/html/plugins/Sytrus_tutorial.htm (By Eric Mitchell)

There is a brilliant ‘un-official’ Sytrus manual available here in .PDF format: http://www.jens.malmgren.nl/Sytrus.pdf

That was converted into .pdf format by Jens Malmgren, the information is from the original series of tutorial info-graphics by Erik McClure (Blackhole12) here: http://blackhole12.deviantart.com/art/Sytrus-Synth-Creation-Part-1-75704794 )
(A huge thanks to both of you if you ever happen to read this!)

Some YouTube links:

Sytrus introduction

Deeper into Sytrus

FL Studio – FM Synthesis (Sytrus) Explained Visually – Justin Brown

And the user I recommend to check-out the most would have to be Seamless: (His username on YouTube is SeamlessR)

Last thing I will add is a link to a Sytrus Skin I created specifically to help learn to use Sytrus; Get it here: IC Sytrus Skin Mod.

Once you are beginning to create your own presets from scratch there is some ways to optimize the patch for lowest CPU use. some great tips can be found here: Recommendations for patch authoring.

Sytrus can have a steep learning curve but is one of the most capable soft-synths on the market, very little out there surpasses it’s capabilities actually. Master it and you’ll never be stuck for new sounds again.