Sytrus Skin Mod 1.2 – Easier to read, Color-coded.

Sytrus Skin Mod 1.2 – Easier to read, Color-coded.

A new skin for Image-Line’s Sytrus synthesizer plugin. Color coded panels and labels for better visual clarity and more definition. The text has been given higher contrast. The colors have been modified. There is a greater range of colors too: overall it’s much. more colorful.

Each different section and tab in the synthesizer plugin has been given a different and related color. This should make it easier to learn for beginners, and clearer in general even if you’ve used Sytrus for years.

Pictures of each screen are as follows, so that you can see if you want to download it or not:

IC Sytrus skin - Main Panel

Sytrus skin - Operator Panel

Sytrus skin - FX Panel, Reverb

Sytrus skin - Filter Panel

Sytrus skin - FX Panel, Delay

Download it here: IC_SytrusSkinModv1.2

To use this skin-mod you will have to replace your original Sytrus artwork so be sure to backup the folder first before you overwrite it with the new ones, in case you want to replace the old skin later on.

Here is the location for the files:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11\Plugins\Fruity\Generators\Sytrus\Artwork\
for 64 bit windows versions, or:
C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 11\Plugins\Fruity\Generators\Sytrus\Artwork\
for 32 bit versions.

To install this skin just unzip the files somewhere, then copy them over the originals in the above location.

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